Wednesday, May 1, 2013

2 More Venice Postcards

Happy May! Let's start off the month with two more beauts from my postcard buddy Nives.

 The card says "historical regatta".  My first thought was that it'd be fun to watch. But then, my second thought was forget watching, it'd be a LOT more fun to participate!

Nice historical stamp to match the historical card. And gotta love a nice clear postmark.

Next is San Marco Square. Nives said that there are lots of people, seagulls, pigeons and expensive coffee there.   She also mentioned that the square regularly gets flooded, but the people just take it in stride and walk through the water whenever it happens.

Thanks very, very much, Nives, for being so kind to send me another two beautiful Venice postcards! :)


9teen87 said...

some day my hubby and I will make it there. :D

Nives said...

You're very welcome! I'm glad you like them! :)

Cari said...

Love that first card!! When I was little, my parents had a super detailed model of a gondola (?) boat very similar to the ones in this top photo and I would get to play with it every once in a while if I promised to remain seated and be very gentle.

I had totally forgotten about it until I saw your post just now. Gee, ONeal (and Nives, too!), thanks for the recovered happy memory!

ONeal said...

Brenda, I hope you do. It looks to be a beautiful place to visit. Take lots of money for coffee and postcards!

Nives, I was quite happy with the first two. Another two was icing on the cake! :)

Cari, what a great childhood memory. Thanks for sharing. :)