Friday, August 30, 2013

Cursing Hedgehog Postcard

Another fun card from Jaana!
This one is from a well known comic strip in Finland, Kiroileva Siili (Cursing Hedgehog)

This peaceful pair, the smiling hippo (sticker) and the cute puppy (stamp) balance out the angry hedgehog on the other side of the card. :)
Thanks a bunch, Jaana!

 EDIT 8/31:  ^^^^^^^^ That sticker and stamp up there, they are NOT a part of this card. My mistake. :)
<<<< THIS is the correct sticker and stamp for this card.  A happy, banana-eating, non-cursing monkey and a herd of quiet bunnies.


Cari said...

This would stamp confusion would never happen on anything from me. Maybe now I'll get some respect for my flag forever grocery store stamps?

oneal said...

Cari, no way. Even a little embarrassment about posting a stamp mix up is not nearly as bad as the daily shame of using grocery store-bought forever flag stamps. :)