Sunday, September 1, 2013

World's Largest Rocking Chair, Cuba, Missouri

This past week, I was cruisin' through the area of Cuba, Missouri, so I stopped by for a revisit. I'm a sucker for anything that's advertised as the "World's Largest".  :)

The rocking chair is located on the premises of  Fanning 66 Outpost. It is packed with Route 66 souvenirs, postcards, t-shirts, etc.

It's well worth a stop if you ever find yourself on I-44 in the eastern side of Missouri!


Brenda Perez said...

thank you for the postcard you sent me from here :D I am WAY behind on my scanning right now, but sooner or latter, I will get it scanned and up on my blog.

ONeal said...

You're very welcome. :) It will be fun to see it pop up on your blog!

Cari said...

Well, great. Now I feel totally jipped. We drove through Indiana this last summer and saw what we had thought was the largest rocking chair. Now I see that it was nothing but grossly over-sized. Geez.... Thanks ONeal... :)

oneal said...

Cari, "grossly over-sized" LOL Well, if you had to learn the truth, what better place to learn it than right here? :)