Thursday, April 10, 2014

Abraham Lincoln On A Horse Sculpture

Who loves a good statue?!
::::crickets chirping:::
Ok, well *I* do!

 I just happened to come across this fine looking statue in Petersburg, Illinois right by New Salem State Park.

It's a depiction of a young Abraham Lincoln reading a book... AND.... he just happened to be riding a horse at the same time!

It's like two statues for the price of one! :D


Cari said...

Loved your intro to this post. So funny!

I can hardly read a book while riding in a car going down a bumpy road. I keep losing my spot whenever the book moves. Can you imagine how much it must move on a horse. Geez, I guess President Lincoln was indeed a great man.

ONeal said...

Cari, since you had never heard of the "Take It Easy" song, I'm guessing you have never heard of audio books, either. They would be perfect for your bumpy-road road trips. :) I agree, Lincoln was a great man, and a great multi-tasker, too!