Saturday, April 12, 2014

Serene Winter Scene Postcard

I'm kinda missing winter already.
What's wrong with me?!


erikajean said...

Pretty! I only miss it because i am a desert dweller ;-) it is pretty to look at not to live in!

Cari said...

If you're really missing winter already, I'd guess there might be a LOT of deep seeded things may be wrong with you! :)

Fear not. I'm here to help. Repeat after me Oneal: Sunshine=good. Warmth=good. Summer=Thank Goodness!

ONeal said...

erikajean, I think I recall you are from Ohio(?), or somewhere like that with brutal winters, so yeah, you would know what it's like to live in it, for sure!

ONeal said...

Cari, thanks so much for that mini-therapy session. I still have all of those deep-seeded issues, but I did snap out of craving winter. :)