Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Peek-A-Boo Bear Postcard

:::::dusting off blog cob webs:::::
It's good to be back!

So anyway, I love animals. I love nature. I love humor. Put them all together and it makes for a GREAT postcard!

Jaana sent this super cool card of a bear seemingly playing peek-a-boo, or maybe it's just doing some tree hugging. Who knows??

I DO know that if I were to have an opportunity to snap a photo of something like this, it would be one huge thrill!

Matching bear stamp. :)

Thanks very, very much, Jaana!


Gerda Theunis said...

Nice to see you back!! ^__^
Missed your "funny" updates...photos and postcards!

ONeal said...

Awww, thanks so much, Gerda. :)

Cari said...

Welcome back ONeal! How sweet! Bears hug trees.

ONeal said...

Thanks, Cari! The blog is sputtering along, like a diesel truck with bad injectors. We all know what that's like, right?

Yes, the bear-hugging-tree is super sweet. I really get a kick out of unusual real-life postcards like this one. :)