Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Union Station, Chicago, Illinois

This card features the iconic Great Hall of Union Station in Chicago.

When you're looking at the view on a postcard, do you ever wonder what the surrounding area looks like?  Like on this card, for instance? Well, wonder no more! Take a look below.

I took these photos of the Great Hall while changing trains at the Station during a cross country train trip.

The enormity of the structure is quite impressive. After 10 years of construction, Union Station, including the Great Hall, was completed in 1925.

There are 18 soaring Corinthian columns, terracotta walls and a pink Tennessee marble floor.

The Great Hall is a year-round venue for events such as galas, balls, receptions, casino nights, engagement photos and commercial filming.

Union Station is the fourth busiest Amtrak station, and serves 3.5 million passengers annually.

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