Sunday, August 3, 2014

Friendship Day Postcard

I've had this sweet little card in my collection for quite a while. It's showing some wear and tear, which, to me, adds to its charm. No one sent it to me. I just bought it because of the nice sentiment on it.

Happy Friendship Day!


Gerda Theunis said...

Cute postcard and a Happy belated Friendship day to you!:D

Semen Rendi said...

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Cari said...

Happy Friendship Day! Did you happen to catch Talk Like A Pirate Day this year?

ONeal said...

Hey, thanks, Gerda!

Cari, you are seriously late, but thanks to you, too! And yes, I DID catch Talk Like A Pirate Day this year.

Two fun facts about TLAPD:
1. YOUR state of Michigan officially recognizes the day. So, be proud. :)
2. Krispy Kreme gives out free donuts to anyone who dresses or speaks like a pirate on that day.