Saturday, November 22, 2014

Grinch In The Trunk

Another fun/weird/amusing/humorous/oddball sighting in St. Louis, Missouri, this past week.

Check out the trunk of the silver car. (Not great photos, but I couldn't really run up to the driver and ask him to sit still for a photo session...not that I didn't think about it! :) )

I'm pretty sure it's the Grinch's green hand, sticking out of the trunk, holding a Santa hat.

Yep, the green hand and the Santa cap are a match.

He's up to something again!


Gerda Theunis said...

Once again a photo that makes me laugh...first that little alien and now this one, so funny!:)
Looking forward to see more...
And also great "New York" postcards!

ONeal said...

What a relief to find out I'm not the only one with a weird sense of humor. I'm kidding! Thanks very much for your kind words. :)

Cari said...

So strange! What does this mean? Did those people kidnap the Grinch as he was trying to attack Santa? I need an explanation. :)

GIT (Grinch Investigation Team) said...

There is an investigation underway. You will be informed on a need-to-know basis.