Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Canada Winter Scene Postcard

Just got a Canadian winter surprise to help take my mind off of the summer heat! (It's a comfy 22C/71F up north, according to the back of the card. I'm a bit envious!)

I had this card in my Postcrossing favorites and  I'm sending big thanks to Brenda for spotting it and so very kindly sending it on a flight south! Thanks so much, Brenda, I love it, front and back. :)

LOOK at these cool hockey and flowers...annnnd.....BASEBALL stamps!! :) :) :)


Cari said...

WHERE do people come up with these cool cards and stamps??

Speaking of baseball, I hear your Cardinals are in 1st place with the best record in the league. Are you excited or what? :)

roxy said...

So glad you like it! :)