Sunday, October 11, 2015

Professor Balthazar Postcard

WHERE did the time go?!
Here is the 3rd of the three goodies from Nives that I had intended on posting in a much more timely manner than this. Ugh.

So, this cute postcard features Professor Balthazar, a well-known, born in Croatia, cartoon character. BUT, there's more, so much more to this card than you may realize. It is also hinting at a legend of the origin of the name Zagreb and also of the name of Mandusevac Fountain on Zagreb's Central Square.  If Nives hadn't gone above and beyond to explain it all to me, I would have never known!

Thanks again, Nives, for this group of 3 terrific postcards! :)


Cari said...

Hi O'Neal! Gee, here's hoping the Cardinals come alive tonight against the Cubbies!

Nice to see you back on the blog. Hope you had a great summer!

ONeal said...

Hiya, Cari! The Cardinals. Ugh. Maybe next year....Opening Day is only 173 days away! :) And thanks, gotta dust the cobwebs off of this thing! I know you're bummed about summer being over, but I hope you had a great one, as well. :) Summer 2016 is only 250 days away!