Sunday, May 15, 2011

Another Bunch of Incoming and Outgoing Postcards

I couldn't resist sending Edith in the Netherlands a second helping of Elvis, since she really liked the first E.P. card that I sent to her.

The Elvis stamps have left the building, only ho hum stamps left.

I don't mind that this card got a little scuffed up on its way here, it's still a very pretty view of Tampa, Florida...Florida...Florida...Florida. Say it with me...Florrrr...i...daaaaa. I need a vacation.
Thanks very much, Judy!

Heidi from Netherlands sent this fun "official" card. It has a few things I like all rolled into one....animals, clouds, uniqueness. Good job, Heidi, I like it! Thank you very much.

David in Germany listed planes as one of his favorite motifs.

I can't believe that I mailed it with not only crooked stamps, but with upside down stamps, too. That's just wrong!

 Maria in Russia listed lighthouse as one of her preferences.

<---Lighthouse stamps, too.....all right side up!

I know some people don't like multi-view cards, but Tatiana in Russia said "any type of card is good for me", so off it went!

More ho hum stamps

I think this was a dud card for Neva, even though she said she loves to go camping in her profile. No comment whatsoever from her.

I'm thinking the cartoon mosquito and hilarious blurb on the back of the card left her doubled-over in laughter and unable to type. Yeah, that's it!

And last, but not least.......
This huge 8"x6" beauty was sent to me by 11 year old Dima in Russia.  It's the Naval Cathedral in St. Petersburg in a wintery setting and it's gorgeous. It really is, because I rarely use the word "gorgeous"!
Thanks a ton, Dima!

That's all for now, thanks for stopping by!

Oooops. Had forgotten to show off these nifty stamps, too, when I hit the "publish post" button a day or so ago....I notice that crooked stamps don't look bad at all when someone else does it.


Nives said...

I LOVE the one with elephant!!! <3

Cari Lin said...

Hey, this is some good stuff! Did Elvis have a stub finger? Check out the hand down by his side and see what you think.

The elephant card is delightful, as is the camping one. I think I've been bitten by that mosquito before.

Ironic, you using those ho-hum stamps... Ha!

O'Neal said...

Nives, I do, too...the world needs more whimsy!

Cari, E's finger, I see what you mean. It's too long for a knuckle and too short for an index finger. The finger mystery stumps me.

LOL That mosquito got you, eh? Maybe it got Neva too, and that's why she didn't make any comment about the card!

Ok, ok. You have a point. I won't harass you about your lame, bought-from-Pete-the-grocery-store-guy Forever stamps anymore....maybe.