Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Incoming and Outgoing Postcards

Love this one.....
Herbie the Love Bug!
Thank you so much, Edith.

From Darlene in California.
"Friendship Fountain. A family of dolphins leaps high among the visitors to Santa Barbara's waterfront. This graceful sculpture, by local artist Bud Bottoms, recalls the Chumash Indian tradition of kinship with these gentle sea mammals."

Sent this one to Dale in Wisconsin. I don't think it matched up very well with any of his preferences, but at least he said the Phoenix ship stamp was interesting!

<---Interesting Phoenix ship stamp over there on the left.

Lynn928 in China said beautiful scenery of my country would be good. Naturally, I sent her this card of flat, mountainless Illinois farmland...because.. well... it IS scenic... no matter what bragging people who live in mountainous states think!

Sent this fishy card to Sarah in Indiana.
I did a better job matching one of her preferences than I did with poor Dale in Wisconsin.

Fishy stamp!

Rachmi in Indonesia loves cooking. Among her wishes were recipes. Match!


Cari Lin said...

Bud Bottoms is a very interesting name. Enough said about that. Sounds like Poor Dale forgave you if he complimented your cool stamp. I really like the retro postman stamp. Is that one currently available at post offices?

O'Neal said...

LOL I almost went there about the name, but changed my mind! Yes, poor Dale was very polite and tactful with his message to me about his card and stamps. I like all the older stamps, including old postman, too. I'm sure that guy is retired by now. Anyway, no, it's not currently available, as far as I know.

I get all of my older stamps from the man that Missive Maven wrote about in her blog. Check the "Resources" section in her sidebar, if you're interested. I can vouch for his great stamp service.

Nives said...

I love the Illinois postcard! It's so green and nice! <3

twenty said...

cannot agree with you more! I love green too:)

O'Neal said...

Nives & twenty, thanks for your perspectives on the Illinois card. I'm always so busy oooohing and ahhhhing when I see mountains in other states, that I sometimes fail to appreciate the beauty that's all around me right here at home in Illinois :)