Saturday, May 28, 2011

More Inbound Postcards!

Tara sent this awesome, over-sized card featuring Canadian wildlife...caribou, graywolf, lynx, sea otter, muskoxen and hare.
I envy nature photographers, I can't even take a decent picture of my dogs!

Mountain envy alert! I admit it, I've got a thing for mountains.  I don't want to climb them, I just want to ooooh and ahhhhh at them.
This one is from WangRui in China.

Beautiful Chinese stamps.

A beautiful multi-view from Ania in Poland.
I especially love that sunset.

I'm craving cherries now. She added this cute lady bug sticker....I like stickers. They always add a little more zest to a card.

Love this card from Lucinda in Taiwan. The scenery is beautiful, the train appeals to my wanderlust & the kids playing below in the water and waving as the train goes by just makes me smile.
Lucinda also mentioned a 60s John Steinbeck book she had read, titled "Travels with Charley: In Search of America". Charley was John Steinbeck's dog. I read online reviews about it, and now I must get a copy for myself to read!

No clue what kind of bird that is, but its color is stunning. And WHERE the heck do people get "AIR MAIL" stickers? I never see them anywhere!

And lastly....

This card titled "Meat-Eating in the Midwest" is  from Ava in New York. I have it listed on my Postcrossing profile that I'm a vegetarian, so this one had me scratching my head, until I read Ava's note saying that this was the weirdest card she had. (Among my preferences, I have listed that I like cards that are funny, weird or unusual.)  It is, indeed, a weird card! I always appreciate when someone tries to match a preference.

Cool stamp!


Cari Lin said...

Those pig roast/chicken bbq cards might be my most favorite cards yet. So strange!

O'Neal said...

It's strange alright. I'm pretty sure those photos were taken in Michigan. Just sayin' ;)

Miguel Oliveira said...

the first card with the animals is amazing!