Thursday, June 16, 2011

Animal Postcards!

It's no secret, I love animal cards!
Let's start off with the incoming goodies:

Marie in Florida sent me this absolutely perfect card!
I. Love. This. Perfect. Card.

Perfect. Stamp.

Well, nothing can really top the PERFECT CARD, but this one comes close. Michele in Germany sent this nearly perfect card.
If I hadn't received the PERFECT card shown above from Marie, then this one would be the PERFECT CARD.

Very pretty flower stamp for the nearly perfect card.

HA! Love this card, too. Charles and Anneke from Netherlands sent this wonderfully delightful card. Looks like Mr. Ape is into aromatherapy.

hongshu in Belarus sent this card of a dainty little bird. She said it's a tomtit and is very common in her country.

Great stamps!

This is a sweet sleeping puppy folded card that Edith in The Netherlands sent. The photo at the bottom is actually a window to another photo on the inside of the card.

Inside the card was this teeny tiny car. What a cool surprise!
Thanks, again, Edith!

And now for the awesome outgoing stuff:

Arja in Finland listed animals, and cats, in particular, as a favorite. So, I sent her this kitty. The back of the card said "Idea Cat". I bet this cat is thinking "Hey, I have an idea, get this stupid light bulb off the top of my head!"

Another cat lover, Silke in Canada listed animals, especially cats, as a preference. She also said she likes more than 3 words written on the back of the card, so I did my best to fill it up with a long message.

Another animal lover, Alena in Russia had this card on her favorites wall. I had a copy, so off it went!

Beatrice in Germany likes cats, especially big cats, as in leopards and tigers. Match!

Her favorite author is Shakespeare. I was lucky to have had this one Shakespeare stamp!

 And finally, this card was sent as a "thank you" to Marie in Florida for the PERFECT CARD that she sent to me (scroll up to the very first card, in case you missed it!) She loves spending time at the beach and on the water, and loves animals, too. So I chose this card for her, a fantastic shot of a soaring seagull in front of a huge wave!

Marie also likes Halloween things, so I added this "halloweenish" stamp. And, of course, it's crooked. Why, oh why, can't I put a simple stamp on straight? It bugs the crap out of me!

That's all for now!


Toyin O. said...

Wow, these are great cards, thanks for sharing.

Miguel Oliveira said...

I love the first one! :D "Come home" :D

Anonymous said...

LOVE the gorilla card! He is too cute!