Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Bagdad, Arizona USA

My destination on a recent trip out west was to a copper mine in Bagdad, Arizona. Bagdad is located in an extremely remote area, and is know as a company town, meaning most everything in town is owned and operated by the company that owns the copper mine.

 This copper rod sculpture greets visitors as they enter the town.

The figures are 10-1/2 ft (3.20m) and 8-1/2 ft (2.59m) in height. It is dedicated to the men and women mine workers of Bagdad.

I marvel at, and greatly admire, such creative and artistic talent.

I really enjoyed seeing this unique sculpture on a beautiful, sunny day in Arizona!


Nives said...

I love how you guys have interesting names of towns/cities. For example this one - Bagdad. Isn't Bagdad also a place in the Middle East? ;)
I also saw this really cute postcard of St. Petersburg today and I was thinking how pretty it is, "almost as if they have really warm summers". Only to realize it's St. Petersburg in Florida, not the one in Russia. :)

O'Neal said...

Yes, I do believe Bagdad/Baghdad IS a well known place in the Middle East.
However, Arizona's Bagdad has nothing to do with the Middle Eastern Baghdad, apparently. I found this bit of info from a web site (http://www.usacitiesonline.com/azcountybagdad.htm):
"Here is an interesting version of how the name of Bagdad came about from a now defunct website
"Please don't associate our town's name with that of Baghdad, Iraq. Please note the "h". Bagdad has always been a mining town. As legend has it, the first miners were a father and son team. The ore was hauled out on mule teams in bags. (see the "Historical Photos" link) The son would be mining, filling the bags with ore. The father would be getting the things the son needed to mine. When the son needed another bag to fill, he would yell, "bag Dad". Consequently the name Bagdad was derived. It had nothing to do with Iraq." "
Ha ha about the St. Petersburg postcard. I guess there are plenty of duplicate city names out there, because I just posted a card today from Paris, France...not to be confused with Paris, Illinois USA.