Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Moomin In My Mailbox

I found this cute little tree huggin', Spring lovin' Moomin in my mailbox yesterday! I'm almost positive that this is my first Moomin card ever. And it's a furry Moomin, too. If you run your finger over the Moomin, you can feel a soft, velvety texture....Well, YOU can't do it, but I can.
 : )

Another great card from Jaana in Finland! Thanks very much!

The reverse side of the card has a cool 3D Moomin sticker, and a Springy stamp. Love it!


Nives said...

Moomins are popular in the Postcrossing world, aren't they?! Cute looking thing(s), I guess. I once got a cute Moomin postcard, but it was ages ago. Still not sure what they really represent.
(...and now I'm going to Google it/them to see what it's all about. :) )

O'Neal said...

Yes, they ARE very popular. I just googled Moomins, too. Now, we both know more about the Moomin story!