Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Last Night's Moon

Clear skies last night.
Couldn't resist trying to take a decent picture of a nice, big, bright half moon.
Not half bad!
Get it? "Not HALF bad"
Ha ha. I crack myself up!


Cari said...

Nice shot!! I believe that is the waxing gibbous you captured there.

And, I always appreciate a nicely placed pun. :)

Nives said...

Did you see the Moon last night? It was really big and bright, I saw the newspaper calling it "the supermoon"! :D

O'Neal said...

Cari: Hey, thanks! "Waxing gibbous", that sounds familiar. I definitely should have paid closer attention in 6th grade science class. :)

Nives: I was looking forward to it, and couldn't wait for sunset that day. But, it ended up that there were clouds on the horizon and I didn't get to see the "supermoon" at all. I only got to see it when it was much higher in the sky. By then, it wasn't as "super".
So, you did get to see it? If you did, I hope you got some good photos of it!