Thursday, May 3, 2012

Umbrella Postcard from Croatia

Razglednica kišobrana! (Not sure if this is correct or not.) Just trying to say "Umbrella postcard!"

Nives sent me this really unique card. It took a whopping 30 days to get here, but arrived in excellent condition!


And as if that wasn't enough of a fun surprise, it had two great stamps on the backside. The larger, multi-colored stamp has a heart shape perforated on the inside, so it can be pulled out or left as is.

Lots of things to like about this card! Many thanks again, Nives.  : )


Cari said...

What a cool stamp! Are you going to pull out the perforated heart?

Nives said...

You're very welcome, but there's no need to thank me. I'm just glad you liked it! :)

PostMuse said...

Red umbrellas are somewhat of a Zagreb mainstay. I'm not sure what their significance is, but I've seen them feature prominently in postcards.

O'Neal said...

Cari: Noooo, can't do it now that it's glued down. Would have had to be pulled out before lickin' and stickin'.

Nives: Aww, come on, no way would I not thank you for it. So...THANKS...again! ;)

PostMuse: Ah ok, I did not know that. That's interesting. Thanks for the info!

Nives said...

So it took me quite a while to find a decent explanation in English, but here it is - all about the red umbrella! :)

"ŠESTINE UMBRELLA (that's what it's called) - red umbrella from Šestine is a part of Šestine’s folk costumes typical for Zagreb surroundings. Although the costume is no longer used (except in folklore purposes), umbrella is still recognizable souvenir of the city of Zagreb. Šestine umbrella is a handicraft, made with the help of turner’s machine especially created for the umbrella production. Masters in Zagreb use only handmade beech wooden sticks for the handles which ensures longevity of the product. Because of its importance it has become an element of the Zagreb identity"

O'Neal said...

Nives: Ah ok, thanks very much for researching and sharing the information. So, do you notice a lot of souvenir red umbrellas in Zagreb?