Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Outgoing 50,000 Silver Dollars Collection Postcard

I was actually visiting this bar in Montana, to see the gigantic silver dollar collection, when I mailed the postcard to Haunani in Hawaii.

She seemed pretty easy going as far as what topics interested her, so I decided to share this extremely unique sight from my trip. : )

 How ironic that the stamp I bought at the attached gift shop was Hawaiian-themed!


PostMuse said...

Oh my goodness. That postcard would send me into fits of ecstasy. Beverage and collection themes AND the sender was in situ!

O'Neal said...

NOW, you tell me! I would have gladly mailed one to you, had I known.

I'm pretty sure that I brought one or two extras home with me. Just let me know, if you're interested.

PostMuse said...

I am interested! My address is all over the internet, so I'll post it here ...

PO Box 22042
Pittsburgh PA 15222

And please make sure you include your return address so I can reciprocate :)

Thank you!

9teen87 said...

dang! what is the insurance bill on a place like this?

fantastic postcard!!

O'Neal said...

Good question. I hadn't thought about insurance, but I did wonder what kind of security measures had been taken.

9teen87 said...

I am smiling from ear to ear!!!! Thank you sooooo much for the wonderful postcard and the stamps are amazing!!! For sure it will be on my blog soon :D

Wow! still smiling :D :D

9teen87 said...

I was looking for your address on your blog to send a thank you postcard - can you e-mail it to me?

O'Neal said...

Brenda, I'm so glad the card arrived and that you like it!
Email on the way.