Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Baltic Sea, Pori Finland Postcard

Jaana sent me another wonderful postcard. This one is a gorgeous Baltic Sea sunset near Pori, Finland.

I would like to know what caused the round ice chunks floating in the water....Anyone?

:::sounds of crickets::::

Ok, nevermind, it's beautiful even without knowing!

Thanks so much, Jaana!!

Delightful stamp, as always. :)


Cari said...

I'm going to say that it's cold weather that makes those ice chunks. Ha, ha.... I'm just not that helpful, am I?

Cool postcard though!

ONeal said...

Good answer. LOL

Ya know, of all the millions of people who read this blog, you're the only one who tried to answer my question. Give yourself a pat on the back!

9teen87 said...

One of your other millions of readers is going to guess Jack Frost. Looks like something he would be doing for fun.

ONeal said...

Oh, Jack Frost! Another good answer! Please give yourself a pat on the back, also.

Kendra said...

I think they are pancakes, which means someone in Finland got your pancake machine.:)

Cari said...

Hey, they DO look like pancakes!

ONeal said...

LOL All I have to say about that is what a waste of a perfectly good pancake machine!