Thursday, January 3, 2013

Kennedy Space Center USA Postcard

Look what landed in my mailbox yesterday! Brenda sent this postcard featuring a fantastic photo of a night launch of Space Shuttle Atlantis.

I had always wanted to see a Space Shuttle launch, day or night, but it never happened, unfortunately. I'm super envious of anyone who did (Brenda!).

This is my first incoming card of 2013.
Many thanks!

It's so cool when stamps match the card topic! That "First Man on the Moon" stamp is my favorite of the bunch.


9teen87 said...


From the house that we were living in, you could see (granted it was from a distance) the shuttles go up. One time I packed my van full of teenagers and we drove up for a night launch. I remember thinking that it took about 4 hours just to drive out of the area when it was over, but that we all agreed we would do it again because it was so cool to see. I think we got back to the Orlando area at around 3 in the morning.

As for the stamps, I now have a nice stash of vintage ones to use - thanks for your help with that!!

ONeal said...

I just turned 10 shades of green. Whether from near or far, I imagine it would be just stunning to watch.

The're welcome. Glad I could help!