Sunday, January 6, 2013

Piasa Bird, Alton IL USA

 This is a postcard featuring one of the previous reproductions of the Piasa Bird in Alton, Illinois.
It looks to be a painting, in the shape of the bird, mounted on the bluffs.

I guess, at the time, it was easier to paint in a shop, then transport to the wall for fastening.

Now, this is the latest reproduction which is painted directly on the limestone bluffs alongside the Mississippi River in Alton. A much cooler version, in my opinion!

It's located here, at Piasa Park, where there's plenty of parking, but not much grassy area for picnicking. Spreading a blanket on asphalt in the summer here is not recommended!

Another place at the park not recommended for picknicking.

This is sorta like a modern-day FAQ. Nice idea, but hard as heck to read.

This concludes our tour. Thanks for stopping by!


Cari said...

Cool rock art!

I wonder why the Chief of Police ordered those sinkholes, falling rocks, and other hazards. Not very nice of him, really.

ONeal said...


Kendra said...

Did you see any eagles up there?

ONeal said...

Kendra, I was looking, but no, I didn't see any that day.