Tuesday, January 29, 2013

South Padre Island Jetty

This postcard features one of the jetties extending into the Gulf of Mexico along South Padre Island in Texas.  It must have looked so inviting that those people walked way, way, WAY out there.

Here's a contrasting view from just a few weeks ago. Not quite as inviting on this particular day; only a few brave souls dared to walk very far from shore.

But it made for great viewing of the waves splashing and crashing out there all day!

 I don't know if all of these fishing folks decided it was best to stay further inland or if this is just where they regularly fish.

I do know one thing though, and that is that it's a good idea to not stand too close to the fishing folks, trying to take pictures, while they are casting their fishing lines! :)


9teen87 said...

Are those just large cement blocks randomly placed around?

Nives said...

Hopefully you didn't learn first hand that it's not safe to stay near those guys fishing. It sounds painful! :D

ONeal said...

Brenda, no, I think they are the protruding tops of concrete columns that extend down into the jetty itself.

ONeal said...

Nives, no, I didn't learn first hand. Fortunately, I avoided...barely...getting bopped in the head with a fishing pole and/or being the "catch" of the day!