Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Norman Rockwell's "The Rookie" Postcard

Yes! Yes! Yes! A baseball postcard! Tammy in Oregon sent me this awesome baseball-themed postcard, and with baseball season revving up, it was perfect timing!

I'm not a Boston fan, but I don't mind one bit. It's baseball!!  Thanks, again, Tammy!


9teen87 said...

I like to go to games, but to watch it on tv, not so much, I am a big fan of Norman Rockwell though! Our youngest daughter is a baseball fanatic. She does the fantasy leagues and everything.

ONeal said...

Me, too. I love being AT a game, but don't often just plop in front of the tv and intently watch a game. Mostly, I just glance at the game on tv, but my ears are always listening while I'm doing other tihngs, like commenting on blogs. :)

Does your daughter have a favorite team? I have never gotten into the fantasy league stuff. I just root for the StL Cardinals day in and day out. That's enough for me.

9teen87 said...

Tampa Rays (we took her and her sister to the very first game back when it was the Devil Rays) and her boyfriend is a huge Yankees fan. They are in different colleges, but the same fantasy league.

ONeal said...

Tampa Rays, Devil Rays, Yankees...are those baseball teams? Ha! I, usually, only pay attention to the American League during the All Star Game and the World Series, and a handful of interleague games. :)

Fantasy league = foreign language, to me. :)