Saturday, October 26, 2013

Birch Trees Postcard

Big thanks to Leonid in Russia for this cool birch trees postcard!

As I was admiring it, I got to wondering if this photo of birch trees is a black and white photo, or is it a color photo?? :)
I'm guessing it's a black and white photo, unless there is black grass in Russia. :)

(Series tied 1-1)


Cari said...

This is a cool postcard, made all the more interesting by your questioning. Maybe it IS in color and the grass only looks black because it's in shadow from all the trees? Hmmm...

Cardinals when another one. Good call by the ump. Congrats!!

Cari said...

Oops, I meant "Cardinals WIN another one"

ONeal said...

I figured it out. It's color. The grass has been spray-painted black.

Hey, thanks! Need a win tonight!

Cari said...

Oh, black paint, it's all so obvious to me now!