Sunday, October 13, 2013

International Postcard Week Postcards

Brenda, once again, surprised me with TWO fun cards. Both of them were designed to celebrate the first ever International Postcard Week.

What a great idea to promote such a fun hobby!

Brenda designed this card using her, and her kids, collection of world stamps.

I procrastinated and missed out this year, but NEXT year, I'll be doing it! Stay tuned. :)

Thanks very much, Brenda!


Brenda Perez said...

I don't know if you noticed, but the girl on North America is holding a postcard that reads '9teen87' :D

Jemma said...

International Postcard Week has come round so fast! I hope that I will be getting some cards soon!

Cari said...

That's an awesome card Brenda made!

You know what is missing though? One of those nice flag stamps.... :)

Happy Belated Postcard Day!

Brenda Perez said...

sorry Cari, no flag stamps. I do have another one of the stamp cards though, if you want one send me an email with your address to: and I'll be sure to get it in the mail - with a nice stamp :D

ONeal said...

Cari is stubborn about her stamps. She only uses boring grocery store-bought flag stamps. No amount of teasing, er, I mean encouragement, will get her to change her mind.
I'm pretty sure that if we both sent our addresses to HER, she would send us each a big fat envelope stuffed full of nice, new, grocery store-bought flag stamps. Right, Cari?

Cari said...

What's wrong with a good grocery store stamp? They are good forever; they have a nice flag on them; they are self-adhesive; they're traditional. They're basically fabulous, right? Convinced yet? :)

Brenda sent me one of her cool postcards and I promised to send one to her in return. And, yes, I forewarned her about the postage issue. :)

ONeal said...

Cari, "basically fabulous", LOL. I'm not convinced yet, but feel free to keep trying. :)
And, very cool about the card from Brenda. She's very, very thoughtful and generous with her postcards. :)
So, did you pick out an amazing postcard to send back to her, one that would go well with your grocery store-bought, self-adhesive, traditional, basically fabulous flag stamp??