Monday, October 14, 2013

Baseball Stadium Postcard

With baseball playoffs in full swing (pun intended :)), this is the perfect card to feature today!

Denise kindly sent this extra-large, die-cut card and, surprisingly, it arrived in excellent condition. Way to go, USPS!

Thanks very much, Denise!



Cari said...

Double the puns = double the fun! Baseball:Swing. Postcards:Go Cards!

What if it comes down to my Tigers and your Cardinals?

Brenda Perez said...

grrrr - we went to the two postseason Rays games. The first one of course was fantastic! The second one, not so much. Oh well, there is always next year.

Cheap 1300 Number said...

Post cards are very important in terms of communication.

M Carpenter and M Wacha said...

Dear O'Neal

Everything we do, we do it all for you. Let's get four more

P "Belly Flop" Fielder said...

Dear O'Neal, M Carpenter, M Wacha,

We tried, we really tried.
Maybe you guys can beat the Red Sox, since we couldn't.

ONeal said...

Brenda, sorry the Rays were eliminated, but it's always fun to go to the games, win or lose.

Cari, P "B.F." Fielder said they tried, but I guess it wasn't meant to be this year.

Cari said...

Yeah, yeah. Fielder choked. Tiger's are out. I prefer not to talk about it. :)

I see your Cardinals are doing well so far. We're cheering for you/them!

ONeal said...

Awww, thanks...but, all of your cheering didn't help yesterday. Could you PLEASE try harder tonight!? :)