Sunday, February 16, 2014

Lake Champlain Ferry Ride

I needed to get from Vermont to New York. Not knowing the area, I found out that a ferry ride across Lake Champlain was necessary. Having lived a mostly ferry-less life, I was excited about it! Call me nerdy, if you must.

After paying for a ticket/boarding pass, I learned that each vehicle is assigned a lane to wait in.
I was feeling pretty important because I got one entire lane all to myself.

I waited anxiously. And then.....There it was! The loaded ferry from New York was closing in on the docking area.

After getting parked on the ferry, I followed the instructions on the sign, because... well... let's face it, I'm not a rebel.

I stood outside and took pictures like any good, nerdy tourist would do.

I watched the zig-zaggy route that the ferry took through the chunky icy waters on my GPS device. Who wouldn't? Right??

And finally, the ferry safely arrived in New York.
And I drove back onto solid ground in search of another nerdy adventure. :)


Cari said...

I think that's very cool! Not nerdy. A rather interesting route the ferry travelled in the water. Maybe to avoid hitting something?

Pretty impressive that boat can carry all those cars and semis.

ONeal said...

I really don't know what the reason was for that odd route that the ferry took. The surface of the water was all chunked up ice. It didn't seem to cause any problem for the boat to navigate through it. In fact, I read online that the ferries have stainless steel propellers, beefed-up hulls and heavy duty engines to help in harsh winter conditions.
Perhaps it was because of current or wind? If you ever happen to cross paths with a sailor on one of your nature trails, please ask him, then report back.