Monday, February 17, 2014

Unadilla Bill, Nebraska's Official Groundhog

The official Groundhog Day was 2+ weeks ago. Brenda did a nice post on her blog on that day, featuring this very same card.

Since I'm, oftentimes, late for just about everything, it seems fitting that my own Groundhog Day post would be 2+ weeks late!

So, a few months ago, I was lucky enough to be able to make a stop in the tiny town of Unadilla, Nebraka's official Groundhog Capital.
I had hoped to find the real Bill the groundhog that I had read about.....

..... and I did find him, at his home, The Bar, which is a real bar. He had been resting on top of that cooler case in the background.

Unfortunately, Bill, unlike his cousin Phil in  Punxsutawney, Pennyslvania, is no longer alive and well.

But still, from what I was told, Bill is a good sport about it, and participates in the town's yearly groundhog parade and festivities on the first Saturday of February.


Cari said...

Well, hello there Bill!

I'm a big fan of groudhogs. I especially love it when I see them out on the nature trails and they turn and run from me. Their waddling butts are so cute! It cracks me up!

Nice tie in with the postcard. You're like a pro!

ONeal said...

I LOVE spotting wildlife anywhere, anytime. That's so cool that you see groundhogs on the nature trails. Are they hiking or what? And what are you doing to make them turn and run for their lives?!