Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Buddha Squirrel Postcard

 The third card from Jaana was also mailed from Ylläs - Äkäslompolo which is "In the middle of nowhere," as the front side of the card says. :) And the back side says "Buddha Squirrel". It does look like he is in deep thought!

Ha! Love it!

Another wonderfully interesting stamp.
Many thanks to you, Jaana! :)


Maria said...

I always love getting something in the mail from Finland. A few of my best stamps are from there :)

I wrote you an email, btw. Please let me know once you have the chance to read it.

Have a nice weekend ahead.

Cari said...

I would agree that the squireel looks deep in thought. I'm guessing about his nuts. Uh...

ONeal said...

Maria, I got your email, reply sent!

ONeal said...

Cari....BAHAHAHAHA! cRACk mE uP!