Thursday, November 5, 2015

Cotton Harvesting in Missouri

While cruising through southeast Missouri very recently, I couldn't NOT notice these huge bales of freshly harvested cotton in bright pink wrapping.

I feel admiration and gratefulness when I see farmers working day and night planting or harvesting their crops.

This time was no exception. Thank you, all you hardworking farmers!


Brenda Perez said...

Very true! They work longer hours and it's hard work too.

Cari said...

So true! Most farmers around me have to work a full-time day jobs and then farm afterward and on weekends. Tough job!

I'm glad to see you are out in the world and functioning regularly. I was a little worried that you might still be crying on the couch after the crushing Cardinal loss in the Division Series.

ONeal said...

Ha ha ha haaaaa, Cari! I have recovered. :) The countdown begins, only 3 short months until Spring Training begins!!

Cari said...

Spoken like a true fan!