Sunday, December 13, 2015

POPS in Arcadia, Oklahoma

Another stop on my November TX & OK road trip was at POPS in Arcadia, Oklahoma.

This is a very cool POPS night view postcard.

Text on the back:
"POPS is the newest, coolest landmark on Historic Route 66. From the iconic 66-foot, LED-lit bottle outside to the 500 sodas and beverages inside, POPS answers the unquenchable thirst for adventure!"

Here are 3 photos from the day I visited.

The POPS bottle is just as fun to see during the day. :)

You wouldn't think a gas station awning would be very exciting, but this monster cantilevered canopy was pretty impressive!

The inside is a lot of fun, too! There are regular c-store items, plenty of POPS souvenirs, including overpriced postcards, and a diner serving up a gazillion funky soda flavors, like PB&J, coffee, watermelon and Dog Drool. LOL

AND lastly, this dazzling display of colorful pop (I call it soda) bottles. 12,000 pop (I call it soda) bottles!!  Well worth a visit! :)


Bornko Adel said...

To me generally all the ways it can be appealing and for me on a level 3 days trip from new york is always decent which is the way to it and all can be taken ahead with the sort of impact it carries i am sure.

Cari said...

Soda! Love it. I used to say soda until I moved to the midwest as a kid and people thought I was talking gibberish.

Tell me you tried a bottle of dog drool! Tell me you didn't let that opportunity pass you by.

ONeal said...

Ha! It's always been soda to me. Whenever I hear someone say "pop", it sounds so strange.

I did not drink the dog drool.
:::::hanging head in shame:::::